Resourcematics proprietary Global Water Demand Model offers in-depth data and analytics across municipal, agricultural and industrial water sectors. We provide market data and information on water and wastewater infrastructure, equipment and technology for international and regional markets, key industries, top companies, and the latest trends of the sector.


Resourcematics is passionate about energy efficiency and carbon management. Since the inception of the company, we have been providing specialist technical and advisory services to public and private sector organisations, local authorities, social housing providers and home owners in energy efficiency, legal compliance, site audits and carbon management.

Map Store

Resourcematics Map Store is revolutionising the way decisions are taken in energy, water and agriculture sectors. Businesses get deeper insights with data from multiple sources and in more granularities. Maps offer local level comprehensive analytics with multidisciplinary data to support companies with their strategic and operating decisions.

Resource Informatics

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Total ECO Installations

  • CERO 43% 43%
  • CSCO 27% 27%
  • HHCRO 30% 30%

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