What we do?

Policy research and analysis

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We conduct policy research – both qualitative and quantitative and analysis involving theoretical and applied policy across energy, carbon management, water and agriculture sectors. Our work has been instrumental in major national and international reviews and evaluations. Our clientele includes private, government, non-government and multilateral organisations.

Compliance & risk management

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We engage with energy utilities and partner organisations by helping them to meet the compliance requirements of energy related schemes such as the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) and Warm Home Discount (WHD). Our online tools and platforms are helping our clients to meet their obligations by optimising work-flow and within prescribed timeframe and budget.

Big data

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Simplifying the jargon, big data is large and complex datasets that traditional data processing software can’t manage. Our integrated web apps backed by huge datasets offer valuable business insight to our clients, for instance to enhance customer value proposition or to make financial and management decisions for better investment of financial resources, or to reduce risks in supply chain or all of the above.

Location intelligence

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Whether you have addresses, latitudes/longitudes data, points, lines or polygons on maps, we will develop location insight leading to cross-channel marketing opportunities, strategic planning and effective implementation. We help our clients to understand target locations to enhance resource use efficiency, minimise environmental risks, and increase profitability and welfare.


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We work with our clients towards automating their work-flows to greatly improve productivity, saving time and cutting costs. Rather than building end-to-end solutions we identify manual and repetitive tasks, develop quicker and cheaper solutions to automate; add sophistication over time and organically evolve towards fully automated process.

Information management

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We offer information management solutions to collect, store, disseminate, archive and destruct of information. Through the entire value chain of data, we enable organisations, its teams and stakeholders to use their time, resource and expertise effectively to make decisions and to fulfil their roles.

Promoting resource efficiency

Support businesses in achieving higher levels of effectiveness, efficiency, productivity and profitability



Resourcematics is passionate about energy efficiency and carbon management. We provide specialist technical and advisory services to public and private sector organisations, local authorities, social housing providers and home owners on energy efficiency, legal compliance, site audits and carbon management.

With our in-depth knowledge of energy policies and first-hand experience in their implementation, we know how challenging it is to target beneficiaries and collect data, how compliance failure can cause irrecoverable losses and how time consuming and expensive it could be to manage project deliveries and meet reporting deadlines.

Our bespoke IT solutions are designed by energy professionals, for energy professionals to address these challenges. Our software reflect our learnings from partnerships with various stakeholders in delivering these schemes.


Water - of all forms, all uses

We specialise on water – of all forms whether fresh, used, ground, surface, desalination and of all uses – agriculture, municipal, industrial, rural and environmental.

Global to local

Globally, we work with NGOs, multilateral agencies, businesses, academia and policy think-tanks on various water issues. We advise water technology and service providers, businesses and investors on finance and investment opportunities in water and wastewater sectors.

Water analytics

Resourcematics provides water risk and demand forecasts for agriculture, industrial and municipal water, wastewater treatment, water reuse, and desalination based on its proprietary Integrated Global Water Model.