Global Agriculture Productvity

Get agriculture economic productivity around 2000 in USD per Hectare for a region of 50X50 kilometre
Resourcematics Agriculture Productivity Agriculture Productivity Tool, USD per Hectare
Our Global Agriculture Model computes economic crop productivity for 162 crops. It offers agri-economic output in USD per hectare. Current map offers data for around year 2000.

Following map shows crop value at farm-gate in USD/ha per annum. The currency exchange rate are average of year 2000. The map was developed based on Monfreda et. al., 2008 and Resourcematics' Agriculture Model.

Category break down for a typical developing agri-economy means (in USD/Ha) - <200 - Potential out-migrant; 200-400 - Subsistence farming; 400-800 - Poor household farming; 800-1,500 - Viable farming; 1,500-3000 - High value farming; >3000 - NIche market farming.

(Hover over grid cells to see value of agriculture products in USD/Ha in the upper right-hand corner)