Resourcematics offers location insight leading to cross-channel marketing opportunities, strategic planning and effective implementation. We help our clients to understand target locations to enhance resource use efficiency, minimise environmental risks, and increase profitability and welfare.

Resourcematics has a world-class team of experts who are passionate about making resource analytics more intuitive and for all. Some of our core team members are as follows:

About Ankit Patel

Ankit’s career has revolved around water. He studied Civil Engineering from CEPT University (India) and MSc in Water Science, Policy and Management from University of Oxford (UK). Over 15 years, Ankit has worked globally with NGOs, multilateral agencies, businesses, academia and policy think-tanks. With multi-disciplinary skills Ankit advises clients on finance and investment opportunities in water and wastewater sectors. Key areas of his interest are water risk and demand forecasts for agriculture, industrial and municipal water, wastewater treatment, water reuse, and desalination.

Ankit is the Director of the company. Email Ankit, if you have any questions related to risk and opportunities in water sector. Connect to Ankit via LinkedIn.

About Konstantinos Krestenitis

Konstantinos is a PhD in High Performance Computing from Durham University & EDF Energy, UK. He has a Computer Science (BSc) background (Oxford, UK). He worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre (ARCHER – UK’s National Supercomputer) / Durham University. Konstantinos is enthusiastic about technological innovation. He focuses on scientific research in parallel processing, computational geometry and multiscale mechanics. His key areas of interest include smart grids, model-based optimisation/simulation, data exchange and control.

At Resourcematics, Konstantinos leads data analytics, algorithm development and process automation. He is involved in the location intelligence analytics of the company. He also handles software architecture development with our external IT consultants.

In his free time, he enjoys travelling, walks, reading/writing scientific literature.

Konstantinos is the Research Data Scientist of the company. Email Konstantinos, if you have any questions related to information technology at Resourcematics. Connect to Konstantinos via LinkedIn.

About Zankhna Shah

Zankhna is passionate about environment and energy efficiency. She has a master degree in Urban and Regional Planning from CEPT University (India) and MPhil in Environmental Policy from University of Cambridge (UK).  She is an accredited energy assessor for new built as well as existing dwellings in the UK. Before founding Resourcematics, Zankhna worked with charities, environmental consultancies, research institutes and government bodies on various aspects of environmental management and resource efficiency. Policy and market analysis and data crunching are her strongest points. In her free time, she learns Indian classical vocal and enjoys gardening and cooking.

Zankhna is the Director of Resourcematics. Email Zankhna if you want to learn more about Resourcematics’ activities on energy efficiency and ECO. Connect to Zankhna via LinkedIn.

Resourcematics Limited is a registered company in England and Wales. Registered company number: 8293155