India Water Risk Tool 2030

Get Water Scarcity Risk 2030 in probabilistic terms for a region of 50X50 kilometre
Resourcematics India Water Risk map
Our GIS based Water Model is of 5 X 5 arc minutes (approximately 9 X 9 kilometres at the equator) resolution.

Following 30 arc minutes grid map shows India's Water Scarcity Risk around year 2030 in probabilistic scale 0-100. The data is based on current rate of demand and supply, which does not take into account impact of proposed Inter-Linking of Rivers Project (shown as layer*) of India.

The map also shows layer of aggregated Water Risk at Riverbasin level in India

(Hover over grid cells to see Water Risk in the upper right-hand corner)

* - please note the geo-locations of Inter-Linking of Rivers Project may not be accurate.

Download India Water Risk 2030 Map

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