River basin Water Scarcity Risk 2010

Get aggregated river basin water risk around 2010
River basin Water Risk Map Tool
Our GIS based water risk model is of 5 X 5 arc minutes (approximately 9 X 9 kilometres at the equator) resolution.

Following map shows aggregated probability of Water Scarcity Risk at river basin level on the scale of 0-100. Map gives data for around year 2010, which is based on Resourcematics Water Model.

(Hover over grid cells to see probability of any region in the upper right-hand corner)

Download Global Riverbasin Water Scarcity Risk Map 2010

Open and download image in a new window or tab: in PDF [1.5 MB]

Open and download image in a new window or tab: in JPEG [1.7 MB]
* To save a .JPEG, right-click on the image and select 'Save Image As...'

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