Water Energy Nexus 2010

Get energy use for groundwater pumping around 2010 and potential solar energy for a region of 50X50 kilometre; Percentage of groundwater pumping energy use to total energy use by country
Resourcematics Water Energy Nexus
Our GIS based Water Energy Nexus Model is of 5 X 5 arc minutes (approximately 9 X 9 kilometres at the equator) resolution.

Following 30 arc minutes grid map shows aggregated energy use for Groundwater Pumping around year 2010 in thousand Kilo Watt Hour. The data is based on Resourcematics Nexus Model, which analyze groundwater level based on hydro-geology, groundwater abstraction (based on Gleeson et al., 2012), pumping lift, velocity, pumping and drive efficiency, and pumping hours. This map is an advanced version of original research carried out in collaboration with the WBCSD and Meta Meta. The map also shows average Solar Energy Potentials in kWh/square meter per day.

Resourcematics Nexus Model converts fossil fuel based pumps into kWh to compare groundwater pumping to total energy use in 2010.

(Hover over grid cells to see energy use for groundwater pumping in equivalent kWh as well as percentage groundwater energy to nation's total energy use in the upper right-hand corner)

Download Energy use for Groundwater Pumping Map 2010

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