Energy efficiency projects bridge multiple stakeholders across supply chain. We provide end-to-end project management and collaboration solutions that give you total visibility, control over meeting project objectives and compliance, while managing tight timelines and mitigating risks.


Designed to promote a systematic approach to data sharing and compliance checks on Energy Company Obligation (ECO) measures.

Eco scoring tool

ECO Scoring Tool

Resourcematics’ ECO3 Scoring Tool helps the users to calculate ‘lifetime scores’ and ‘total ECO funding’ based on the treatable area, applicable uplifts and the measure type. The Tool is developed using the latest ECO3 Deemed Scores Matrix published by Ofgem and will be updated every time scores are revised by Ofgem.

Warm Home Discount

For the WHD we work with clients to achieve their objectives. We ensure that clients provide support to their customers who are in or at risk of fuel poverty while meeting all regulatory obligations.

We provide a complete solution to our clients. This includes design and development of IT platform, implementation of the scheme, receiving, scrutinising customer applications, eligibility checks, reporting and preparing submissions for Ofgem.

What is WHD

The Warm Home Discount (WHD) is a government scheme aimed at tackling fuel poverty. The WHD Scheme requires participating domestic energy suppliers to provide support to those who are in or at risk of fuel poverty. The support may be direct, through rebates to electricity accounts of eligible customers, or indirect, through support to third parties who help customers by offering them services to reduce fuel poverty and the associated impact.

Energy Company Obligation

We have established a niche market in providing compliance, reporting and audit in Energy Company Obligation (ECO) to obligated suppliers as well as other stakeholders. We take care of the compliance and reporting requirements of our clients’ entire ECO delivery. We have also successfully converted our expertise in policy analysis, project management and big data processing into designing IT solutions for ECO stakeholders.


Our Domestic Energy Efficiency Mapping (DEEM) Tool is a map based tool showing the intensity of fuel poverty and the state of domestic energy efficiency at a selected location. Users can upload their own GIS data and compare how their targeted areas are doing in terms of fuel poverty and energy efficiency.

DEEM tool

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