Global Water Risk Tool 2030

Get Water Scarcity Risk 2030 in probabilistic terms for a region of 50X50 kilometre
Resourcematics Water Risk Map tool Water risk map tool
Our GIS based Water Risk Model is of 5 X 5 arc minutes (approximately 9 X 9 kilometres at the equator) resolution.

Following Global Water Risk Tool 2030 shows aggregated probability of Water Scarcity Risk around 2030 at pixel size of 30 arc minutes grid on the scale of 0-100. The data is based on Resourcematics Water Model that calculates historical water demand over water supply at each pixel. Based on historical data the model forecasts water risk up to 2030 using Monte Carlo simulation.

(Hover over grid cells to see probability of any region in the upper right-hand corner)

The model takes in-depth account of three sectors – domestic, agricultural and industrial. The demand for domestic water includes formal, informal water supply as well as rural and urban water supply. For agricultural water demand, Resourcematics Water Model analyse both rainfed and irrigated agriculture of 162 crops worldwide. The industrial water demand draws data from 13 major industries: power generation, oil and gas, petroleum refining, mining, chemicals, metals, automotive, food and beverages, microelectronics, pulp and paper, textiles, pharmaceuticals and bio fuel.

Resourcematics Water Model is a result of over 300 trillion calculations across 2.2 million geographic location points, around 200 countries, 3 sectors and 15 sub-sectors.

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