Bulk Scoring Tool

Excel template allows up to 50 calculations per measure type and multiple measures at once.

Resourcematics’ ECO3 Bulk Scoring Tool is an Excel based system that calculates scores for multiple measures with accuracy by applying several rules automatically in the background.

  • Up to 50 calculations per measure

  • Multiple measures at once

  • Automatic combinations of property, heating type, measure type
  • Applies relevant heating system proxy where applicable
  • Lifetime score proportionate to POPT, where applicable

The Output file is based on OFGEM’s notification template and it will be emailed to registered email ID of user in few minutes.

MULTIPLE calculations at once

ONE-OFF payment for UNLIMITED use of the Tool


GBP 150 + VAT

Note: ECO3 Scoring Tool is a deemed scores calculator for ECO3 measures. It is designed based on the ECO (Energy Company Obligation) deemed scores matrix version 1.5 published by Ofgem on 11 February 2020.