India Urban Rural Water Use 2020


India Urban, Rural, Informal (Self-Supplied) Water Use 2020 in cubic meter.

File format: Shape file (can be opened in most GIS software)

Resolution: 5 arc minutes

Coordinate system: GCS_WGS_1984

Unit: cubic meter


The India Domestic Water Use 2020 map with break down into Urban Rural and Self-supplied water use is a result of collection and analysis of millions of data points. The calculations take into account water demand and supply in formal, informal, urban and rural sectors. Our GIS algorithms analyse country’s population distribution, density in urban agglomeration and rural areas, status of utility water supply, water and wastewater coverage, water leakages and non-revenue water, groundwater use, energy availability, current status of infrastructure, government policies, investments on water-wastewater infrastructure and other socio-economic attributes, such as GDP and per capita disposable income.

The map offers data of India’s Total Domestic Water Use in cubic meter with spatial break down into urban rural and informal /self-supplied water use for each 5 arc-minute pixel/regions (on the ground, it is approximately 85 at the equator and about 50 at around 60 degree north/south Latitude). Please note, total of urban, rural and informal water use may not be the same as total domestic water use due to rounding off error.

Not all users may need such granularity of data. If you are interested in aggregated values at Province/State or District/County level please email for a quote to

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