Our industrial water demand takes a deeper look at 11 major industry sectors: power generation, oil and gas, petroleum refining, mining, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, metal refining, automotive, food & beverages and tobacco, microelectronics, pulp and paper and textiles.

Our industrial water demand model forecasts volume of water use as feed water, process water and cooling water. The model also estimates industrial water reuse for various processes across industry sectors.

Currently, global annual industrial water use is just over 750 billion cubic meter. Following graph shows the break down of water use by industry type.

Our unique industrial water demand model is based on industrial production, processes and output. The model takes in-depth account of production methods and processes of various industrial categories and sub-categories, current rate of growth in each sector, level of investment in water and wastewater technologies, water recycling, national investment in R&D, local and federal government spending.

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