ECO3 Scoring Tool

Calculate the lifetime scores and total funding for ECO3 measures

Use our free Scoring Tool to calculate ‘lifetime scores’ and ‘total ECO funding’ for your ECO3 measures. The Scoring Tool is developed using the latest ECO3 Deemed Scores Matrix published by Ofgem. We’ve included the treatable area, applicable uplifts, and the Tool automatically applies proxies for heating systems.

The Tool is interactive and easy to use. Basic knowledge of ECO rules would be sufficient to use the Scoring Tool. Users can calculate scores for up to four measures in one session and can also download the scores in csv format.

For best user experience, please open the Scoring Tool on a desktop or laptop using any browser. This Tool uses Google Analytics to help analyse how the site is being used.

For any comments or questions about it, please contact us on 0203 950 0061 or email us on

Excel template allows up to 50 calculations per measure type and multiple measures at once.

The Output file is based on OFGEM’s notification template and it will be emailed to the registered email ID.

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While due care has been taken for accuracy and correctness, Resourcematics Ltd assumes no responsibility or liability for any errors or omissions in its content. Please note that we are awaiting further clarification from Ofgem regarding certain uplifts and scores.