ECO2 ends on the 30th September and ECO3 is due to commence. As the consultation process is also ending it is clear that there are considerable changes throughout. These include ECO3 being all HHCRO, with the expansion within the eligibility criteria. The Private Rented Sector now has restrictions for properties in certain EPC bands.  The options for boiler repair and replacements has also changed, both the type of boilers repaired and the introduction of primary measures for boiler upgrades.

ECO3 consultation

ECO3 consultation

Many of these changes crossover eligibility, tenure and the measure type; they may also have their own conditions to be met. The schematic chart highlights some of the changes discussed within the Ofgem ECO3 Consultation.

Please note that the schematic is based on the draft Legislation that is yet to be debated in the Parliament.

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